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Elander Inspections Ltd. offers testing services for all your inspection requirements.
Whether it is for new construction, asset protection, or integrity management, we offer all the traditional Non-Destructive Testing and Visual Inspection Services including specialized testing such as:

  • Industrial Radiography
  • Quality Assurance/Control Programs
  • Visual and Coating Inspection
  • Ship Inspection - Thickness Surveys
  • Non-Destructive Testing (UT, MT, and PT)
  • Eddy Current and Remote Field Tube Inspection
  • Crane Certification
  • Hardness Testing
  • Positive Material Inspection
  • Ferrite Testing

Our highly trained technicians are able to travel anywhere in the world for any type of testing. If we can't do it ourselves, we know the people who can, and we assure a complete inspection profile is conducted of your work.

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At Elander we know how hard it can be to get inspection when and where you need it.
Let us take care of the details.

Industrial Radiographic Testing

We specialize in piping, vessels, storage tanks, structural, aluminum and steel welded construction, pipelines, marine vessels, and welder qualification.

Ship Inspection Service

Certified to Lloyd's Registry of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, ABS Americas, Germanishcher Lloyd and Class NK. Elander Inspections Ltd. is the premier testing agency on the West Coast when it comes to ship inspection. All work conforms to I.A.C.S.

Non-Destructive Testing Services

We offer all the traditional test methods on site or at our facility. We can provide in-house testing services with a full liquid penetrant testing line capable of testing any size of part.

Eddy Current and Remote Field Tube Inspection

We offer Eddy Current and remote field testing of non-ferrous and ferrous tubes. Periodic maintenance testing can save thousands of dollars in unexpected down time. We have tested hundreds of units of various sizes in both the refrigeration and B.O.P. settings.

Crane Certification

We offer inspections and certification to WCB requirements. We can provide thorough testing of any variety of crane or lift equipment, complete with a registered engineer signed certificate.

Quality Assurance Consulting

Quality Assurance Programs, Inspection and Test Plans, Document Review, Weld Procedure Review and Weld Planning, and more.

Industrial Radiographic

At Elander Inspections Ltd., we realize that each client has individual needs so we tailor our service to meet those specific needs. One size never fits all! We offer Gamma Radiography with Delta 880s and the Small Controlled Area Radiography system (S.C.A.R.) for when radiation exposure must be kept to a minimum. Our technicians are certified CGSB and SNT-TC-1A and are able to meet your all of your expectations.
Some common applications would be:

  • Piping/Pipelines
  • Transport Vessels
  • Marine Vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Structural Components
  • Aluminum and Steel Welded Construction
  • CWB Welder Qualification Coupons
  • Piping
  • Castings and Forgings

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We use the latest digital instruments capable of the "Double Echo" Technique. Therefore, chipping of coated surfaces is a thing of the past. This not only saves time, but your coating stays intact for many more years to come. Work can be performed at any stage of the ship's dry-docking
- EVEN after bottom painting!

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We offer all the traditional test methods on site or at our facility in Richmond, B.C., Canada. We offer direct pickup and delivery of small parts for inspection. We have in-house testing services with a full liquid penetrant testing lab capable of testing any size of part. We can also come to job sites, shops, or any other location to perform full testing in the field. Our services include:

Radiographic Testing (RT) Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (UTG)
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
Penetrant Testing (PT)
Eddy Current Testing (ET)


Ultrasonic inspection using both longitudinal and angle probes is a cost effective way to assure product conformance. Digital instrumentation assist in producing results that are both accurate and fast. All calibrations are stored in the instrument to allow for quick changes of probes. Elanders highly skilled technicians in this technology give our clients the confidence needed to assure accurate test results are achieved.
Some of the commonly inspected items are:

  • Structural steel moment connections
  • Ship hull butt welds.
  • Component weld repairs.
  • Shafts and bars for internal defects
  • Plate lamination checks.
  • Pressure pipe or pipe pile weld inspection.

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Thickness Gauging

Confirmation of component thickness can assist in the determination of life expectancy of any part. We use the latest digital instruments capable of the "Double Echo" method. This method eliminates the normally required "chipping to bare metal'' requirement. Coatings are kept intact saving thousands of dollars in time and money. Corroded surfaces can also be tested with through the use of small diameter transducers. Common applications are:

  • Ship thickness survey of hull structures to Classification Society requirements
  • Marine structure corrosion surveys
  • Gas plant/Pulp mill corrosion monitoring and piping inspection programs
  • Condition surveys of steel tanks, vessels, piping etc.
  • Exotic materials such as PVC, rubber, plastics, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), fiberglass & fiber can be measured and evaluated

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Magnetic Particle

Magnetic particle inspection is primarily used on ferrous metals. It is an extremely quick inspection for surface weld crack detection on structural steel, tanks, plates, etc. Commonly used methods are: Dry Powder, Wet Fluorescent, and Black & White Colour Contrast.
Some of the commonly inspected items are:

  • Inspection of welded structural steel beams during fabrication.
  • Dry Powder testing of in-service units up to approximately 500 degrees F
  • Large vessel and tank surfaces for cracks
  • Turn-around maintenance inspection of gear box components
  • Machined surface inspection after final machining
  • Shafts and bars for surface cracks.

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Penetrant testing is used to test non-ferrous materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. Different test methods are available ranging from visible red/water washable penetrant systems to complex emulsifier penetrant systems. Various sensitivities are selected based on the product and customer requirements. Components can be tested in-house or on site. We are expert in setting up specific testing programs for our clients.
Some of the commonly inspected items are:

  • Non-ferrous parts can readily be tested using this method
  • Aircraft components
  • Non-ferrous castings
  • Finished machined components
  • Engineered Materials and components

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Eddy Current & Remote Field
Tube Inspection

We offer Eddy Current and remote field testing of non-ferrous and ferrous tubes. Periodic maintenance testing can save thousands of dollars in unexpected down time and associated expenses. We offer fully qualified personnel to test and evaluate the tubes. We have tested hundreds of units of various sizes in both the refrigeration and B.O.P. settings.
We use the latest technology with Zetec's Miz-27 digital Eddy Current instrument. Hard disk storage of all tube data is available for later evaluation. Reports are computer generated with all relevant findings recorded 'by the tube', with a tube sheet drawing showing the exact location of defective tubes and bar charts showing exact number of tubes with % wastage. Speed of testing reduces costs and the high accuracy of the digital instrumentation increases future reliability of the unit under test.
The main focus has been tube testing but we can perform any test required. Some common applications would be:

  • Air-conditioning chiller tube inspection
  • Balance of Plant heat exchangers
  • Heat treatment confirmation
  • Materials sorting
  • Alloy confirmation

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Inspection & Certification

We offer inspections and certification to WCB requirements. We offer full testing of any size crane or lift equipment with a registered engineer signed certificate. All testing is done by certified inspectors to the appropriate method being used. Load testing of the equipment is done by inflatable bladders up to 40 tons.
If repairs are required, our professional engineers can determine the type of material to use, write the welding procedures, and monitor the work by the welding company. In this way our clients can assure that the unit will be upgraded to the original manufactures recommended service condition.
Elander Inspections has a history of successful long term testing programs on cranes and lift equipment. Our internal file monitoring program takes away the need for our clients to remember when the testing is due. We will notify you with the appropriate lead time and schedule the work based on your schedule.
Our rates for this type of work are very competitive.

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QA/QC Programs:
Weld and Coating Inspection

Most projects, whether large or small, often require a third party inspection agency to monitor the work of the contractor.
We place certified inspectors on any type or size of job at very competitive rates.
The package includes full inspection service covering all aspects of the project. We have the personnel trained to provide you with the best service in Canada. Each program will be tailored specifically to the project to assure full compliance to project specifications. Some of the areas that would be typically covered during a Quality Control program with a fabricator would be as follows:

  • Welder Certification and Welding Procedure review
  • Mill Certificates review to assure material ordered correctly
  • Company qualifications to perform welding will be reviewed
  • Fabricators Quality Control Manual will be reviewed and the company policy monitored to assure compliance with own manual
  • Visual inspection and non-destructive testing of structural welds on the component to assure compliance to code requirements
  • Non-destructive testing report review
  • Coating inspection of all pieces at the fabricator or at the painting facility. All testing performed by certified inspectors

We have performed full Quality Control inspection programs on offshore drilling platforms, large structural steel projects such the installation of 3,000 tons of structural steel at the Vancouver International Airport, and fabrication of pressure vessels and large storage tanks.
With over 30 years in the structural steel inspection and testing business, we guarantee you with the experience and knowledge you are looking for. We offer a "One-Stop" testing service that is second to none. Elander Inspections Ltd. always offer competitive prices.

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Elander Inspections Ltd. holds the following certifications:

CSA & NACE Certificates

CSA W178.1
Certified Welding Inspection Organization
CSA W178.2
Certified Welding Inspectors Levels I, II, & III
NACE Coating Inspector Level II & III

Additional Certification

CGSB Canadian Government Standards Board Level II, RT, UT, MT, PT, ET
MIL-STD-410, Level II RT, UT, MT, PT
AWS Certified Welding Inspector

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